Start your day off with a delicious hearty meal


This menu is a sample of what we can create for you. We encourage your suggestions and providing us the opportunity to meet your needs.

Prices are listed per person

Minimum 20 people per order

Prices are subject to change

Traditional Options

Fruits and Grains - Steel Cut or Old Fashioned Oatmeal with assorted toppings with a fresh seasonal fruit platter $12.99


Continental Breakfast - Your choice of muffins, bagels or croissants with fresh seasonal fruit platter $9.99


Yogurt Parfait - Creamy vanilla yogurt with fresh fruits and crunchy granola (v) $6.99



"Veggie" - Spinach, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese (v) $7.99


"Meaty" - Ham, Bacon, Cheddar cheese, Yukon Gold Potatoes and caramelized Onions $7.99


Potato and Onion - Caramelized onions, Yukon gold potatoes, green onions and fresh herbs (v) $6.99


Creole - Spicy smoked sausage, sautéed southern greens, and the “Trinity” Onions, Bell Peppers and Celery $9.99


Breakfast Biscuit Cobblers

Biscuits and Gravy with your choice of gravy


Sausage with Sage and Fennel $7.99

Mushroom, potatoes and caramelized onions with fresh herbs, topped with a fresh buttermilk biscuit crust $7.99


"Veggie" - Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spinach and Potatoes with a 3 cheese sauce topped with a fresh baked cheesy biscuit crust (v) $6.99


Everything - Farm Fresh Eggs, Your choice of Apple wood Smoked Bacon, Shaved Honey Ham or fennel/sage sausage plus Onions, Peppers, Cheddar Cheese, Mushrooms and Potatoes topped with a fresh buttermilk biscuit crust $8.99


Sweet Treats

Thick Cut French Toast - Thick sliced bread that’s soaked in eggs, cream, vanilla and bourbon and griddled till golden brown. Crispy on the outside. Rich and creamy on the inside. Served with brown sugar bourbon syrup or strawberry sauce and whipped cream (v) $9.99


Buttermilk Waffle - Crispy buttermilk waffles with our homemade syrup or strawberry sauce and fresh whipped cream (v) $12.99

For an extra treat add crispy fried chicken and our Spicy Honey syrup


Stuffed Pancake Rollers - We take a fluffy buttermilk pancake and roll with your choice of sautéed bananas or apples in brown butter caramel or strawberries with fresh whipped cream $9.99


Breakfast Sides

Home Fries - Crispy seasoned potatoes with onions, peppers fresh herbs (v) $4.99


Creamy Smoked Cheddar Grits $5.99

Add shrimp & creole gravy $4 


Applewood Smoked Bacon $3.99


Pork Sausage Links or Patties $3.99


Chicken Apple Sausage $4.99


Crispy Buttermilk Brined Fried Chicken $5.99


Fresh Baked Buttermilk Biscuits (4) $5.99


Hard Boiled Egg (2) $2.99


Crunchy Granola $6.99


Steel Cut or Old Fashioned Oatmeal w/Toppings $4.99